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What Clients Are Saying About Good Dog Training

Good Dog training has helped turn our Tofie from being a good dog into a great one.

Valerie is an astute professional who was able to help us not only train our pup but to learn to understand her a bit better as well.

Our training sessions were always fun and interactive, taking things one step at a time. It took no time at all for us to see the results of Valerie's positive methods.

Valerie was always on time and easy to get in touch with for times we needed her. Because of her love for dogs, warm personality and the results we have seen I do not hesitate one bit when recommending her services.


When we took Valerie's group class our rotti puppy Hazel was about 4 months old.

It was my first dog ever (my husband was blessed with rottis before), so I needed the class more than our puppy. We knew immediately that Valerie loves dogs by the way she handled our puppy and Hazel was always excited to see her and give her kisses. Valerie's instructions were always clear and she was always very positive and encouraging. She also asked us questions and listened to what we had to say about our experience with Hazel. We learned alot about doggy body language and how and when to appropriately correct our dog.

Valerie gave us great exercises to practice from week to week, so that we could train with Hazel at home. Valerie gave us the tools, but we had to give our time and commitment to the training which is key to well-behaved and friendly pets. Hazel's favourite part of class was play-time. It was fun to watch the dogs play and it helped Hazel learn how to interact with other dogs and helped me learn what Hazel's body language signified (ie: play or aggression).

Valerie's training was great in that it helped me understand my dog and how to communicate with her and that is key to any great relationship!

Nadia & Hazel

My family is so happy to have been introduced to Valerie shortly after having our golden retriever puppy, Chelsea, come into our family.

Valerie is a very warm, caring person with both people and dogs. She is professional in her approach to dog training always arriving on time and giving us one instruction to work on for the week. Her patience and happy disposition was noticed by Chelsea who was very quickly trained to become a very lovable dog who knew how to behave.

I have recommended Valerie to friends who have had her help them with dog training and we all agree that Valerie has made our lives so much easier. We don't know what we would have done without her.


We are so happy to have found Good Dog Training when looking for someone to help us train our 6 month old GoldiePoo Tana.

We found that Valerie has a personalized style of teaching, her positive energy, her availability, and promptness to respond to phone & e-mail questions helped us to learn how to train and handle Tana.

We have had so many compliments on how well behaved Tana is, thanks to Valerie's help with our dog training.